Wednesday, March 9, 2011

bye bye bye

I am unfortunately retiring this blog and makin the switch to tumblr :( so many good posts were made here. oh well

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl 45 Ads

NFL "American Family" Grey, NY
this surprisingly might be my fav commercial of the night

Bridgestone "Carma" Richards Group, Dallas
I like the concept and execution of this ad a lot, but as for what it does for the brand it is somewhat lacking. I am more likely to remember the commercial than what it was for

Carmax "Kid in a Candy Store" Amalgamated, NY
I just really love this concept, and I like it's circular plot all tying back to Carmax

Doritos, Goodby Silverstein
I'm a sucker for slaptick humor

Budweiser "Wild West" Anomoly
starts off a little so so, but I like how it ties together, and I love the tagline

Stella, Mother
Not really the most creative concept, but well done

BMW "Changes" Kirshenbaum, Bond, Senecal & Partners, NY
I wasn't really a fan of all the car commercials during the superbowl, but I do like this one and the tagline as well

I am sucha sucker for these babies. I know how bad they are, and how overplayed they are, but I just think they are damn funny. These not as good as last year but still funny

Chevrolet "Misunderstanding" Goodby SIlverstein
The chevy commericals weren't awful this year, I especially liked this one

Pepsi Max "Love Hurts" TBWA Chiat Day
I like the concept of this ad, but from my feminist POV, the angry black woman stereotype really kinda pissed me off

And this Pepsi Max one "First Date" also hits my feminist chord. It's kinda got that "funny cause it's true" thing working for it, but eh

Volkwagen "Black Beetle" Deutsch
I like this commercial because it makes the illusion of showing the power of the car but using the beetle

"The Force"
And this one is pretty cute, but doesnt do a whole lot for the brand

Welp that's my take on some of this years ads

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Movie Review - The Social Network

I went to go see "The Social Network" (movie about the creator/creation of the phenomenon that is facebook) tonight, and was very impressed. It really blows my mind to see how one person's ordinary life becomes so completely extraordinary. It was really motivating, especially from an advertising perspective, to watch how one person's simple idea can completely change our culture.

I loved seeing the strategy behind Mark Zuckerberg idea of facebook as well. He just took the simple human nature of being social and changed our landscape forever. Seeing Napster's creator Sean Parker being in the movie was also an extra bonus. He was just a 19yr old kid and he changed the way people listen to and consume music forever, and although he may have lost court cases to big record companies, he won the fact that what he did can't be changed and people will never go back to buying CD's.

Anyways, great movie. I feel very inspired.

Monday, January 3, 2011


I recently discovered this awesome religion that Pueblo Native Americans practiced -- Kachina. It centers around these spirits that must be pleased in order to have ample rain, sunshine, etc. Rituals were held, and members of the tribe dress up as these kachinas, and kachina dolls are also given to members of the tribe to teach them about the spirits. Anyways, here's my fav one -- the Shalako Mana. She is the biggest kachina, standing 8 feet tall, and she comes at the rituals to initiate new members in to the cult. Her head dress represents the clouds. I love how colorful and geometric they are.

Awesome Coasters

im super in to these letter pressed coasters, each with a distinct personality. LOVE!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas is Here

...which means consumerism at it's best! woo, go usa! oh, and a little bit of that "giving spirit" blah blah blah. Here is an AWESOME comic on how to brand and sell Christmas. Doesn't get more fitting, or funny, than that. Happy Holidays :)

(this is just a sample, click the link for the full deal)