Monday, April 26, 2010

Serenading Unicorns

If you enjoy the angelic voice of Boyz 2 Men serenading you to sleep, then you will definitely enjoy a little R&R time with a unicorn belting out these lyrics. Consider this my gift to you if you're feeling a little down.

Honestly, how could Boyz 2 Men not cheer you up?! jus sayin

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

HBO It's More Than You Imagined

HBO wanted to bring attention back to the network itself (rather than just its programs) so they created this brill campaign. A giant cube was set up in downtown Manhattan where a non-linear interactive story was shown to spectators. From every angle of the cube another perspective of the story was shown. The entire story isn't revealed until each piece of the story is viewed from every angle. The viewers are able to piece the story together as they please in a non-linear way. Aside from the outdoor piece, there stories were also up for viewing online. HBO proved that they are still the innovators in story telling!

watch one of the stories HERE

Yellow Pages Tree House

This is an awesome advert created by BBDO. The idea is simple....yellow pages as the best directory still to find every business you need. So they used yellow, and only yellow to find every business and service needed to build a tree house restaurant proving yellow pages really does have every resource you need and that as a business it pays to be in the yellow pages.
And they built it for real, catching everyone's attention and only bringing further attention to the advert and project.
And the results were amazing for yellow pages, increasing usage by almost 10%, proving how a simple idea executed brilliantly can be extremely effective.

Andrew Robertson: BBDO CEO!!

Andrew Robertson, the CEO of BBDO (no big deal, holy shit) came to talk to us! His lecture really inspired me. He had a lot of insightful thoughts my brain just melted over. Here are the most memorable ones to forever live on the interwebz so in case advertising goes down the crapper, maybe a future idea machine will be inspired
  • defining an idea in a text message. if you can't whittle your idea down to a text, you don't have one yet
  • Ideas start with a message, not a concept, or an execution. Take what you need to say and say it creatively
  • be able to take a punch and get back up from it
  • "i just wanna sell some carpet" - sift through the bullshit and get to the point of it all
  • tell a story. a good story is the fundamental start of everything. books aren't dead. the story is what we are searching for and if a good story is told in a book, then we would drop our tech to read it. technology enhances good doesnt create them
  • the most important result from a message is a CHANGE in BEHAVIOR. a measurable change
  • Be different. but do it in a meaningful way. dont be diff just to be diff. be able to say how you are diff in 30 sec.
I was having a really uninspiring day when he gave this presentation, but afterwards I ended up staying up all night with ideas. good stuff. thanks bro!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kotex Ads

This ad campaign is hilarious. Such a simple idea (making fun of ridiculous/obnoxious tampon ads) made brilliant.

and this is super interesting...esp from a feminist perspective. the fact that people so easily recognize a penis, but cannot recognize a vagina, or feel uncomfortable talking about it. BREAK THE CYCLE!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Server Rant

i've been working in restaurants since i was 15. And over the past 7 years, i have developed an insane amount of irrational pet peeves when it comes to customers. here are my top ones. NEVER do these things when you're out to eat. we will talk about you, and maybe spit in your food (just kidding....maybe)

1. do not ever snap at me to get my attention. i will snap on you

2. do not ingest 6 pints of soda during your sitting. it's disgusting and annoying. esp you diet coke drinkers out there. you are the worst. just cause it's diet does not mean it is all of a sudden good for you. gross

3. do not whisper to me, or make some sort of signing motion for what you want. you're not being more polite by whispering, you are just getting on my nerves more.

4. i hate when i get to your table and ask you what you want to drink and you respond, "i dont know, i just got here." how do you not know what you want to drink?!?! you get the same thing every time. here's a hint. you can get water or coke. make up your mind

5. i also hate when you get to the table and you just wanna chit chat for 30 min before ever opening your menu. how am i supposed to know when to come back to your table to get your order?! just look at the menu, order your fucking food, then you can chit chat til the restaurant closes

6. where i work now, we have a soup and salad bar. yes it is unlimited it's NOT a buffet!. i hate when people order the salad bar and call it a buffet. stop being such a fat ass....go to golden corral

7. i also hate when i ask you a question and you just stare at me like im an idiot and never answer me. how hard can it be to give me a simple response

8. do not order 4 different drinks, just for yourself. are you kidding me?! "a coffee, water, oj and oh wait a minute some hot chocolate too"

9. also if you are over the age of 12 DO NOT order a fucking chocolate milk! i am judging you

10. lastly, DO NOT fight over the check in front of me! how awkward can you be?! i dont care who pays, how you wanna split it, whatever. but do not snatch it out of my hand and awkwardly bicker to me about who is paying. shutup

okay, sorry if this sounds harsh. i dont think most servers are this particular, ive just been one for TOOOO long. i need a new job, stat!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


inspired by the lovely ladies of DTJJ, i decided to make a make or break list of my own:

My NUMBER 1. biggest breaker is a mooch. i don't wanna hear you complaining about money all the time and how you are unable to go out and do fun stuff. esp if you make me feel guilty like it's my fault or something and con me into paying for you. get a job! stop wasting your money on weed, and use it to go to kings dominion with me instead.

which brings me to my number 2. have your priorities straight. if your number one priority doesn't involve something ambitious (job, school, entrepreneurship) then gtfo.

3. fugged up grill piece is a def deal breaker. this is America. you don't need to be running around with your teeth lookin like you're The Predator. If you can't get braces, then do like Nelly and get a grill. but even then, bad teeth is no beuno for me

4. text friends. do not act like my bff through texting and fbook chatting, and then have ABSOLUTELY nothing to say in real life. i can't play that game. i know it's easier for you to be witty when you're behind a screen that gives you time to meticulously add and erase words before you send them to me. it's annoying. be a real person

5. any dude who wears light wash jeans, that flare out in any capacity, then pairs it with flip flops. none of these things need to ever happen.....ever

6. if you're short. sorry. i know god made you that way. but i can't do it. i'm too big, i'm not tryin to feel any bigger. thanks

7. if you ever say the word "faggot." or "cunt." or the "n word". i will not only punch you out, but i def won't date you. Actually anyone who says any derogatory word is scum in my eyes, not a booty call.

8. judgmental people. yeah, yeah, we're all judgmental to a degree (obvi i'm writing a post based on judgments). But i CAN'T STAND when all someone does is sit around and talk shit about other people or has something negative to say about everyone that passes them. It shows just how insecure you are. And i absolutely hate when people judge things before they try it. It means you aren't up for new experiences and it's a turn off. get the effing chip of your shoulder. it aint cute.

9. people who are picky about food. this goes along with being judgmental and not trying new things out. it really, really, really annoys me when someone claims they hate something, but will not even try it. get over yourself

10. last deal breaker...when someone is conceited. you really aren't cool, or cute, or funny if you have to say you are. shutup. be humble.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm only breeding, if i get to have this kid

seriously awesome. dancing children or gtfo biological clock

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lego Animals

since kids are the future (right?!) the philly zoo used animals made of legos, (cause kids love legos) to show the importance of endangered species and caring for mama earth.

whatever i just love the lego animals!!

this is great

this could not be more awesome! my two fav movies EVER (twilight and mean girls) combined!

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

fish maze

is this the equivalent of a mouse maze to find cheese....a fish maze to find....a pellet?