Monday, September 28, 2009

infused drinks

infusing vodka with other flavors seems real cool to me. i found a few recipes....

skittle infused vodka- combining 6oz vodka with each different flavor of skittles, shake it up and let it sit for a few hours, then strain the vodka through a coffee filter, put each flavor in a flask and put in freezer overnight

jollyrancher infused vodka- same idea, but without the straining

also, cause i love halloween, i found this candy corn infused martini too..

num num num, monster food

i want to throw a grown-folks halloween dinner party just so i can make this yummy monster food. looks so fun!

"finger food" sugar cookies, dyed green, with almond fingernails
zombie cupcakes with oozing brain at the top!
scary cheese and crackers
meat appetizer plate wrapped around skull...tight
"mummy dogs" little hot dogs wrapped in biscuit to look like mummies.... soo cuteee


Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. I love love love it. So i decided to compile some cool pumpkin carvings that i found interesting, and a good pumpkin carving gallery called

the cheeseburger one is pretty tight. although i think the only part that is actually the pumpkin is the bun, but none the less its still pretty creative.

Buddha Pears

I have always been interested in Asian culture, and i really like happy buddha sculptures. I own a few small buddha figurines, but i was really excited when i found this....

these are pears that have been molded into the shape of Buddha. I looked up how they did it and while the pear is growing the mold is put on to the fruit and then the pear starts to grow into the shape of the mold and then the mold is removed and it keeps growing in the same shape. They have also done this with square watermelons and i saw a picture of a pumpkin molded with a face in it. But i have a connection with my fav little figurine....BUDDHA! :)