Sunday, February 21, 2010


Diesal's new campaign : Be Stupid
it's like my philosophy in life: be stupid, let go, have fun, don't listen to your head - do what your heart says. awesome
The philosophy:

And the matching print campaign is pretty good too:


cool collage of Polaroid pictures. i really wanna get a polaride cam!

durex ads

New durex print ads made entirely of type. Pretty cool idea. A little sexist though. All of the words on the girl are that she is lovin it so much like 'he is the man'
i'll overlook it cause i like the concept but i had to say somethin!

This can't compare to the viral "get it on" video of the condom animal balloons doin it. Much less sexist too with an ambiguous third part entering haah

oh and dont forget the hilarious "outtake"


Ahhh this is awesome! slap chop rap/remix with autotune and everything! I saw this come on TV today and it immediately caught my attention. so funny

wineee dezinee

this is some cool package design. each wine has a different character, and so an illustration of a different character or personality is assigned to each bottle of wine. I love the older people illustrations for the aged wines!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To Catch a Predator Barbie

New Video Girl barbie with a camera built in! takes up to 3o min of footage which you can watch on her back. theres also a usb attached to her to plug her in the computer. so sick. i would totally be beggin mom for this if i was like 6, but i guess i can just buy it on my own at this age haha.

Secret Yakuza

These are really cute pieces done by Stasia Burrington. There are called secret yakuza, which is a japanese gang. I love that they look so sweet and innocent on the outside but as soon as the clothes come off and the tattoos are shown they look so much more bad ass. I also loved how she used what looks like fabric or wallpaper swatches to make the color blocks.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lily Allen Video

New lily allen music video. pretty sweet concept. over 1000 people singing to her song. check it

Lily Allen "The Fear." mk II from phil tidy on Vimeo.

MY WEEKEND - Snowboarding Adventure

video i made from our snowboarding adventures this weekend. non stop pop punk singalong, paired with the worst possible fast food for you, then snowboarding adventures all day, then off to UVA for wah whoo wah drinking, girls in dresses with no tights and bad boots, flip cup, obnoxious dancing, and "hot sauce fucking us," then a finale of the best hashbrowns ever courtesy of Cracker Barrel, cause whats a road trip without a dub-t stop off at america's fav pitstop

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This is Origami

This is awesome! Empty paper bags with instructions on how to turn that bag into origami. Awesome idea and purty design. me likey

Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Ads - Best and Worst

My fav ad of the night...Google. I usually prefer a humorous approach to ads but the sentimental direction worked really well and i really appreciated it.

I know the etrade babies are gettting old and overplayed, but i still love them and i thought this ad was pretty funny and my second fav....(a milk-a-what?!)

All the budweiser ads were slackin, esp the clysdale one. big disappointment.
i also expected much more from snickers and they let me down.

All the doritos ads were pretty funny....they kinda replaced what cheetos did last year.

dis one was ok...kinda nostalgic feeling

The Dr Pepper Kiss ad WAS AWFUL!! wtf?!
And it a rest! you just look like youre advertising porn sites!
the dennys ads with the screaming chickens were pretty good though, i aint gonna hate

and i hate megan fox but this ad was ok

monster.coms fiddling beaver was strange
and was it just me or were there an insane amount of ads with men with whitey tighties?!?

And i just dont even know what to think about this ad

Saturday, February 6, 2010

love dis

so simple, so cool

Mario Themed Bedroom

This is awesome. My child's room WILL be just like this!

Make something cool everyday

This guy made a piece of creative work every day for 365 days. Almost all of the pieces are amazing and it's a really good idea to continue to flex that creative muscle. I'm def doin it come Jan 1st!

check it out!

food carving

funny lemon about to commit suicide


The World's Biggest Signpost from adghost on Vimeo.

Friday, February 5, 2010

sweet new package design

this is an awesome new package design for heinz! you can squeeze it or dip it and its just really cute modeled after the bottle. loveee it!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Anthony filled my room with over 222 balloons for my bday! what a sweetie!