Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Ads - Best and Worst

My fav ad of the night...Google. I usually prefer a humorous approach to ads but the sentimental direction worked really well and i really appreciated it.

I know the etrade babies are gettting old and overplayed, but i still love them and i thought this ad was pretty funny and my second fav....(a milk-a-what?!)

All the budweiser ads were slackin, esp the clysdale one. big disappointment.
i also expected much more from snickers and they let me down.

All the doritos ads were pretty funny....they kinda replaced what cheetos did last year.

dis one was ok...kinda nostalgic feeling

The Dr Pepper Kiss ad WAS AWFUL!! wtf?!
And it a rest! you just look like youre advertising porn sites!
the dennys ads with the screaming chickens were pretty good though, i aint gonna hate

and i hate megan fox but this ad was ok

monster.coms fiddling beaver was strange
and was it just me or were there an insane amount of ads with men with whitey tighties?!?

And i just dont even know what to think about this ad

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