Saturday, January 8, 2011

Movie Review - The Social Network

I went to go see "The Social Network" (movie about the creator/creation of the phenomenon that is facebook) tonight, and was very impressed. It really blows my mind to see how one person's ordinary life becomes so completely extraordinary. It was really motivating, especially from an advertising perspective, to watch how one person's simple idea can completely change our culture.

I loved seeing the strategy behind Mark Zuckerberg idea of facebook as well. He just took the simple human nature of being social and changed our landscape forever. Seeing Napster's creator Sean Parker being in the movie was also an extra bonus. He was just a 19yr old kid and he changed the way people listen to and consume music forever, and although he may have lost court cases to big record companies, he won the fact that what he did can't be changed and people will never go back to buying CD's.

Anyways, great movie. I feel very inspired.

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  1. heyyyy i just got back from that movie! loved it. i completely agree with everything you said, especially about being motivated and having my mind completely blown by the whole concept. however, it also made me feel kind of insignificant for now being almost 23 and not having come up with some life changing, billion dollar idea.