Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Andrew Robertson: BBDO CEO!!

Andrew Robertson, the CEO of BBDO (no big deal, holy shit) came to talk to us! His lecture really inspired me. He had a lot of insightful thoughts my brain just melted over. Here are the most memorable ones to forever live on the interwebz so in case advertising goes down the crapper, maybe a future idea machine will be inspired
  • defining an idea in a text message. if you can't whittle your idea down to a text, you don't have one yet
  • Ideas start with a message, not a concept, or an execution. Take what you need to say and say it creatively
  • be able to take a punch and get back up from it
  • "i just wanna sell some carpet" - sift through the bullshit and get to the point of it all
  • tell a story. a good story is the fundamental start of everything. books aren't dead. the story is what we are searching for and if a good story is told in a book, then we would drop our tech to read it. technology enhances good doesnt create them
  • the most important result from a message is a CHANGE in BEHAVIOR. a measurable change
  • Be different. but do it in a meaningful way. dont be diff just to be diff. be able to say how you are diff in 30 sec.
I was having a really uninspiring day when he gave this presentation, but afterwards I ended up staying up all night with ideas. good stuff. thanks bro!

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